Monday, December 8, 2014
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PTU Silver Love

This tutorial was written by me on December 8, 2014.
It was made out of my own creation and any similarity is purely coincidental.
I used pspx6 but any version should work without problems.
If you're doing this tutorial you must have good psp knowledge and be familiar with the tools.
Let's get started!

Artist: Bear by Alfadesire
Scrapkit: Silver Wings by Scrappin With Lil Ole Me
Mask: 103 by Me HERE
Font: Kunstler Script

*open your mask and minimize in your workspace*

c/p = copy and paste, ds = drop shadow 

File - New - 700x700 - flood fill w white
Open 2 - resize by 80% - place to bottom 
Click inside your frame w magic wand - expand by 5 - new layer
Open paper19 - c/p into selection - deselect
Move paper under frame
On frame - add drop shadow
Open tube - resize to liking - c/p as new layer - move to bottom
(when I copied my tube i only selected half of it with my selection tool)
Xero - porcelain - change blue channel to 0 - hit ok
Add drop shadow to your tube 
Open 95 - resize by 50% 2x - sharpen - place to right - ds
Duplicate 2 - move so its the top layer
With your selection tool draw a rectangle on top portion of frame
Then delete
Open 140 - resize by 50% 2x - place to bottom right - ds
Open 38 - resize by 50% 2x - place to bottom - ds

On background layer
Click on background with magic wand - new layer
Open paper1 - c/p into selection - deselect
Layers - New mask layer - From Image
Find your mask in source window - hit ok
Merge group 
Duplicate mask and change blend mode to multiply
Open 30 - resize by 80% - place to top right - ds
Open 96 - resize by 50% - place to top left - ds
Open 65 - resize by 50% - place to top left - ds
Duplicate - mirror - move to bottom 

Delete background layer - merge visible
Adjust - Brightness and Contrast 
Local Tone Mapping - strength 4.0 - Block Size 35 - hit ok
Add credits and name




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