Saturday, September 20, 2014

FTU  Enjoy The Moment

This tutorial was written by me on September 20, 2014.
It was made out of my own creation and any similarity is purely coincidental.
I used pspx6 but any version should work without problems.
If you're doing this tutorial you must have good psp knowledge and be familiar with the tools.
Let's get started!

Artist: Natural Beauty by Arthur Crowe
Scrapkit: Autumn Awaits by Gimptastic Scraps
Mask: 72 by me HERE
Plugins: Xero - Radiance
Font: Phraell

*open your mask and minimize in your workspace*

c/p = copy and paste, ds = drop shadow 

File - New - 700x700 - flood fill w white
Open frame 4 - resize by 75% - c/p as new layer 
Click inside your frame w magic wand - expand by 5 - new layer
Open paper4 - c/p into selection - deselect
Move paper under frame
Open chicken wire - resize by 50% - place to left of frame - ds
Add drop shadow to your frame
Open window - resize by 50% - place to the right - rotate to right some - ds
Open grass - place to the right - ds
Open deco - place to left - ds
Open bow - resize by 50% - place to top left - ds
Open mushroom - place to the left - ds
Open  tube - resize to liking - place in middle
Xero - radiance - change beauty to 97 - hit ok
Add drop shadow to your tube
Open leaf3 - place to bottom left - ds 
Duplicate leaf3 - mirror
Open mug - resize by 50% - place to bottom - ds
Open flower 1 - resize by 50% - place to bottom - ds
Open pinecone - resize by 50% 2x - place to bottom - ds
Open WA - resize by 50% - place to the bottom - ds

On background layer
Click on background with magic wand - new layer
Open paper5 - c/p into selection - deselect
Layers - New mask layer - From Image
Find your mask in source window - hit ok
Merge group 
Duplicate mask - change blend mode to multiply

Delete background - merge visible 
Crop your tag to your liking
Adjust - Brightness and Contrast 
Local Tone Mapping - strength 4.0 - Block Size 35 - hit ok
Add credits and name

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  1. Thank you so very much I did this tut for a refresher course for my memory on using masks but I relearned a lot thanks. Beautiful tag and super Tutorial so easy to follow.




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